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Ormus in the Bible  

Ormus is the acronym of Orbitally-Rearranged Monoatomic Elements and modern researchers found that these elements are responsible for the formation of our exterior body and physiology.  

With their modern researches these experts found that ormus elements hold almost 10% of body weight. Indeed this could be a surprise for many of us, but these experts were shocked when found details about ormus in the Bible as well.  

These researches and modern day scientist never expected that they will find anything about ormus in the Bible but when they carefully read the Bible they found that it is mentioned there in this holy book and it is mentioned there several time.  

Manna is what is referred to in Scripture for this. 

In these details about ormus in the Bible, holy book explain the importance of these elements for body and is also explained that how people can get these elements from foods in a natural manner to stay healthy and fit in best possible manner. 



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