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High Ormus Content Foods  


While traces of Ormus can vary within different things you eat finding high ormus content foods is something that is well worth doing.  


Some Ormus rich foods can be harder to consume or find than others so lets look at the more readily available and easily consumable high ormus content foods.

Almonds - A great many health benefits are provided with the almond and it's no surprise it is rich in Ormus.

Aloe Vera - A very versatile plant which can be used for a variety of things. This wonder plant is also consumable and can be found diced into aloe vera drinks. You can even grow a plant yourself and make your own drinks.

Coconut Water - A good source of Ormus. This can be found within shops however there is a much higher content fresh from a coconut itself.

Garlic - A true gem of a food which can and should be added to a lot of your cooking. If you can bring yourself to it eating garlic on its own this can be very beneficial otherwise adding it to your meal will still provide large benefits a high ormus content.

Watercress - Another great Ormus rich food is the humble watercress. With the ease of access and budget conscious in mind this will make a great addition to anyone's diet.

Other high ormus content foods. 

Worth a mention is the Noni Fruit. A great source of ormus, while not being known as the best tasting or smelling food on the planet it is well worth adding into your meals if you can track this super food down. 

Soil grown foods like carrots may contain high amounts of Ormus but this is very dependent on the monatomic element levels in the soil grown in.  



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