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Chaga Mushrooms and Immunity

Nutrition Capsules
Chaga Mushrooms


Chaga Mushrooms





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Chaga Mushrooms Caps

Chaga Mushroom was used for many years in medicine in Manchuria, Japan, China, Russia and Canada.

This unique and valuable mushrooms inhibits the growth of stomach tumor, esophagus tumors and lung tumors, it has a big effect on your immune system and maintain the youthful appearance. Found mostly in the birch trees.

This mushroom Its is also well know as a polypore fungus, Chaga is different from other mushrooms it does not have gills like other mushrooms but it has numerous pores, contains huge amount of betulinic acid that can be digesting easily so your body benefits from it.

This mushroom takes its nutrients out of the living trees.

It is one of the medicinal mushrooms, but it tops them as it has more health elements in its cells.

It's rich in:
Vitamin D2
Vitamin B1, 2, 3, and fibers and magnesium
Germanium cleanse the blood
Inotodiol which treats flu

Complex immune activation compounds such as polysaccharide, a substance that is proven to be super effective at inhibiting the immune modulating effect, which is caused by tumors.

Amino acid complexes and other minerals
Melanin which restores a youthful appearance as it nourishes the hair and the skin.
Betulinic acid

In the following lines we are going to talk about the most important substances in this type of mushrooms.

Melanin is a protecting pigment that is found in high levels in this muschroom. Melanin absorbs the UV radiation to transform it into heat, so it prevents the free radicals from being formed in your body.

Effective beauty products will absolutely needs chaga, due to this melanin compounds.

The other vital substance that works on your immune system is betulinic acid which is a chemical that found in the birch trees where this fungus found. This substance kills the cancerous cells through chemical signals.

That's how it promotes the humans health by boosting immune protection via active compounds extracted from chaga.

It reduces the workload of the immune system, due to the environmental toxins such as pollution and chemicals the immune system exhausts itself trying to this stress.

That said eventually the immune system weaken in front of the toxins. So the chaga prevent the damage of the cells, which leaves the immune system healthy to combat all the health hazards.

 Adding to this it restore the health of the liver and reduce inflammation.

Chaga boosts the activity of your immune system and take it to its higher limits.

Benefits and usage of Chaga Mushroom:

Increases the metabolism in the body
Anti aging, as it improves the skin elasticity and restore the younger looks.
Reduce the glucos level in your blood
Anti malarial effect
Effective in Intestinal worms
Cancer, including gastric and colon cancer.
Fight fungus
Builds up your immune system
Treat flu
Stimulate the nervous system
Fights HIV 1
Anti inflammatory effect
Reduces fatigue

Chaga Mushroom is known as the mushroom of immortality in Asia, due to it's numerous effect on a long list of diseases and disorders. Mushroom

of health.

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