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Learn How To Prepare The Best Ormus Recipe: The Latest Trend In Natural Medicine  


The ormus also called Monoatomic Gold is one of the most powerful natural medicines on the planet and luckily the knowledge about it has come to light already a few years ago. 


And here we will explain how to prepare the best ormus recipe. 


The ormus is made with sea water, fresh water and caustic soda or sodium carbonate. 


When it is done in order to take it as food, if you do not have experience in its preparation it is better to do it using sodium carbonate (not to be confused with baking soda). 


The preparation should not exceed 10.7 of PH. 


That is why we are going to explain step by step how to make ormus so that it is fit for human consumption. 


15 grams of sodium carbonate is used per liter of seawater. 


In this case, as we will prepare 5 liters we will use 75 grams of carbonate to obtain the ormus. 


First we are going to see all the elements that we need for its preparation: 

-Sea water (5 L) 

-Fresh water at least filtered or Distilled water 

-Sodium carbonate (75g) 

- An 8-liter glass jar or A paper filter of a coffee maker 

- A plastic or macaroni tube, a large syringe or a siphon pump 

Now let's explain the quantities: If we want to use 5 liters of sea water we will need to prepare a solution with water and about 15 grams of sodium carbonate. 


Preparation with 5 liters of water (if more quantities multiply the grams of carbonate): 

-We going to collect sea water in areas where there is the least contamination possible 

-We put it in 8L glass jar by filtering it with a paper coffee filter. 


-We now prepare the solution by mixing the other 75 grams of carbonate in another vessel with enough water to dissolve it. 


-When the solution is well mixed, pour it into the sea water container and stir well. 


-We let the ormus rushed to the bottom and for that we will allow 24 hours to pass. 


-After this time we must extract the water with a siphon, syringe or with a plastic tube but not the ormus. 


(This is the trick for best ormus recipe to work) 

-Once we have extracted the water we refill the container with fresh water only. 


It is about doing at least 6 washes and extracting the water but not the ormus so that it is having more purity. 


-When washing, shake the container well since the carbonate usually adheres to the surface. 


-Some people do 6 washes. 


Personally I prefer to do 10 washes to make sure there are no debris left. 


-A good way to do the ormus washing is to do 5 washes with fresh, filtered, or spring water or other 6 with distilled water. 


-It is important not to use plastic and that the container is made of glass or glass so that substances that we do not want are not released during the chemical reaction. 


After doing this you already have edible ormus. 


An excellent nutrient with very beneficial properties, it is also made 100% homemade and natural. 


Benefits of consuming Ormus: 

The properties of ormus are scientifically proven, however much we say what benefits monatomic gold has in health, it is best that you try the best ormus recipe for yourself. 


For medicine, it helps with longevity, it is used in the treatment of many diseases and improvements in brain capacities, but the issue goes much further. 


It helps against arthritis, Physical pain and endless health problems.

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